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These collections are related to different topics. Each piece of jewelry embraces technical solutions with the experimentation on materials and concepts. You can contact me to know prices and more details about the works.


A story set in Athens with abstract characters who communicate with their surroundings. Primordial forms have arisen that lie on the body.
Materials: Silver, Brass, Plexiglass, Rosewood


The origin of the line and signs is represented by fingerprints. The material is imprinted with my identity present in the present space and time. Project realized together with Francesca Colonia with the curatorship of Giulia Nicolai

My Skin

The skin as a surface of stimuli and boundaries; starting from my personal history I created an osmotic relationship with the outside. Autobiographical project.
Materials: Clay, copper, linen, silk, pigments, silver.


With the same etymological root as Rock, the Cloud is made of hardened paper to create a combination of the lightness of the clouds and the solidity of the rocks.
Materials: paper, pigments, gold, silk thread


This small animal is the basis of the environmental balance. The process that gave rise to this collection is based on the essentiality of the forms and the evidence of the details.
Materials: Gold, gold plated brass.

Paul Klee

An artist of colour and moving lines, Klee has directed my research on imaginary characters and on the paths between the streets of Florence. A collection of primordial shapes, colours and adult irony was born.
Materials: Iron, Silver, Steel, Pigments


A space for multidisciplinary arts. Me with Adelaide Albinati, Carolina Farina and Karly Bergmann have shared this awesome space with vibrant energies to share ideas, to meet clients, to work on individual and collective projects and to exhibit them. Studio Clab was located in a urban area between Mandrione and Pigneto.